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Dogfish Head Tasting

We are doing a hop heavy flight this week from one of the craft breweries listed among the most influential in America. A series of “Ancient Ales” which were recipes created from chemical analysis of residue found on drinking vessels found in archaeological sites and of course their iconic IPAs (which we are sampling) have given them critical acclaim for years.

Featured Brews:

60 Minute IPA: Brewed with a boatload of intense Northwest hops. It is continually hopped while boiling for 60 minutes. A very west coast traditional hop forward style with lots of piney and citrus notes. 6.0%ABV/60IBU

75 Minute IPA: A totally unique IPA. The base is a combination of their 60 & 90 Minute IPAs, but it is dry hopped with cascade hops and brewed with maple syrup… that right maple syrup. Malty and earthy with those citrus-pine aromas, but balanced with a touch of maple in the finish. 7.5%ABV/75IBU

90 Minute Imperial IPA: You guessed it, 90 minute boil with constant hopping. A maltier style that balances the bitterness. Surprisingly crush-able for the IBUs with lots of resin and fruity citrus. 9.0%ABV/90IBU

120 Minute Imperial IPA: It is really hard to control the fermentation of this giant style. The ABV ranges from 15-20% depending on the batch which makes each batch a little different. An absolute beast of a beer, and even ages well showcasing more sweetness morphing into more like a barleywine. 17.1%ABV/120IBU

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