Humble Beginnings…


Providing customers with the highest quality of fresh fruits and veggies available is how our company was built. Back in 1980, our owner John began to spend his mornings near the river in downtown Cincinnati perusing each of the local produce distribution warehouses. After carefully selecting from each day's new harvest, he would load his pick-up and deliver his merchandise to a tiny storefront in Delhi where he would offer it to local customers each day. Today, nearly 40 years later, each and every product we carry is still hand picked by our owner each morning and delivered that afternoon. By receiving over 20 deliveries of produce every week, we are able to maintain the FRESHEST produce department you'll find in the city! We strongly believe in supporting our community and do business with several local farmers throughout the area. During peak growing seasons you can always count on finding the best locally grown produce at Country Fresh!

Eat Well. Save money.

Finding fresh produce at an affordable price is not impossible. We undercut our competitors pricing everyday. By purchasing our product on an day-to-day basis, we are able to maintain the best possible pricing as the market continuously fluctuates. One of our customers' favorite parts about shopping at Country Fresh is that you never know what kind of amazing deal you're going to find! And for those that REALLY want to save, we also have a great “Number 2” section of our produce department. There we offer all of our blemished, bruised or misshaped product. (Great for juicing, cooking, animals, or smoothies) Whatever you're looking for, we guarantee you'll save money when buying your produce at Country Fresh!   

Serving 2 locations, our business model is simple: 

1) An unwavering commitment to quality. From our award winning produce department to our full service deli and massive wine and craft beer department, each and every product that we carry is hand selected and purchased by our experienced department managers. No corporate structure decides what to sell or how to sell it. We believe that our managing staff who is on-sight each day knows our customers more than anyone. They listen to our customers' requests and for decades have provided them with only the best quality product available.

2) Honest and Fair Pricing. Lets be honest here... When shopping at a chain store, good quality (and sometimes poor quality) does not come cheap.  After just one stop at either of our locations you will immediately see that quality does not have to come at a high price. We regularly under-price the chain stores across the board on produce, deli, grocery items and beer and wine. Plus, you can always be sure to find current closeouts and specials that make the other stores pricing look...well...embarrassing.

3) Dedication to Customer Service. We want our customers experience here to be a happy one. We will always greet you with a smile, provide you with suggestions and always make sure you know "What's good right now?" . No overcrowded parking lots. No long walks across massive store isles. We keep it simple...Good product. Good Prices. Good People.